Get Ready for the Thrill.

Are you ready to be surprised? We know how difficult it is to find what you want while traveling (work or leisure is the same). But don’t worry, we fixed it! With Tranquìo you can enjoy every second of your trip.

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Ready for a new hotel experience?
Your dreams about your stay will come true with Tranquìo.

Welcome dreams.

Finally you can have what you always dreamed of in a hotel, and of course avoid surprises during the check out. Enjoy your stay, leave the rest to Tranquìo.

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Get pampered.

Tranquìo will become your personal assistant to fight hotels boredom and inefficiency. Can you think of any amazing butler from movies or cartoons? We want to take care of your stay using our technology: we want to be your personal butler!

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We'll be your personal butler.

Do you want to know more?

Our visionary project is on its way. But if you want to be part of it or you simply want to know more, please leave your email and we’ll get in touch soon.

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